“Defeat Your Infertility” Helps you Take Charge of Your Fertility


If you’ve been trying for to get pregnant without so far being successful, then “Defeat Your Infertility” is a report that you can’t afford to miss. This report provides you with all the information you need to take charge of your own infertility problems.


“This report was written specifically to help other couples like us to get pregnant naturally, even if you’re experiencing difficulty getting pregnant and feel that your infertility problems are pushing you to use Western medical solutions such as IVF. Western medicine just wasn’t for us. In this report I share with you what I’ve learned. I was able to get pregnant three months after giving up on Western medicine and turning instead to a natural program of diet, exercise, Vitamins, and Eastern medicine. With this report, I’ll guide you and show you how to get pregnant quickly using natural methods. Throughout the report I’ll be adding specific information tips about the philosophy of Chinese and Eastern nutrition and medicine. I encourage you to follow my plan for boosting your fertility naturally so that you and your partner can experience the same happiness that James and I experienced when we were finally able to conceive. Today our son Daniel is our biggest joy.”


The author is an expert when it comes to not being able to get pregnant. After unsuccessfully undergoing IVF treatments, she and her husband decided that it was time to leave Western medicine a try and turn to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The results were astoundingly successful and they are now parents of a little boy.


Learn the Risks of ART


It’s important that you understand the risks associated with ART (Artificial Reproductive Technology). “Defeat Your Infertility” explains just how IVF works and why it’s so overused in North America.


“We decided to turn to ART in our desperation to have a baby, without being diligent and doing our homework ahead of time. What we should have done instead was explore what we needed about conceiving as naturally as possible and then coming up with a plan that was efficient as well as effective.”


This is information that you need to know and that is going to help you make informed decisions about your health and your fertility.


Improving Your Health


“Defeat Your Infertility” has plenty of information about what you can do so that your health is at its optimum for getting pregnant. You’ll find out all about eating to conceive. Learn what foods you should be eating and what foods you should be avoiding. There’s even a section of recipes that you can try to get you started on your journey to eating to conceive.


Helpful Supplementary Information


The last section of “Defeat Your Infertility” provides you with some helpful supplementary information. The Vitamin and Supplement Information list is ideal for determining what vitamins and other products can improve your health and prepare your body to get pregnant naturally. The Herbal Information List also provides you with information about the common herbs that TCM practitioners prescribe to enhance both female and male fertility. Lastly, there are Fertility Worksheets for both women and men that you can print out to take with your when you see your caregiver or TCM practitioner.


There is Help for Infertility


“Defeat Your Infertility” introduces you to a program of health that is going to help you get pregnant naturally.


“This report is the compilation of everything that I learned about fertility and how to conceive naturally. I started my own three month program to get pregnant. I stuck to what I learned. I diligently worked with my TCM practitioner to get my body and mind as healthy as possible so that my fertility was at its optimum. My husband was beside me all the way on this journey. He was more than willing to take control of his own health so that his sperm were as healthy as they could be. Together, we worked the program as outlined here in this report. At the end of this journey….is our son Daniel.”


By following the tips and guidelines in this report you’ll boost your fertility so that you conceive without the intervention and invasiveness of Western medicine and ART. “Defeat Your Infertility” is a report that



Defeat Your Infertility


For many it couples it seems as though getting pregnant just comes easy. They decide that it’s time to have a baby and then the next month they’re ready to announce to the world that they’re pregnant. However, getting pregnant isn’t always as simple and easy as it seems. If you’re one of the many couples who are having trouble conceiving, then this report is for you. “Defeat Your Infertility” is packed full of useful information and tips to help you get pregnant naturally, without the intervention of modern Western medicine.


The Ups and Downs of Infertility


Nothing is more upsetting that trying to get pregnant and then having your period show up. You instantly know that all your efforts to get pregnant have failed. “Defeat Your Infertility” addresses the many different emotions that go with infertility. Even if you’ve only been trying for a couple of months to conceive, the feelings that you go through when you find out that once again you’re not pregnant can be devastating. In this report you’ll learn how to manage your emotions so that you don’t let the ups and downs of infertility affect you in negative ways.


The Basics of Pregnancy


“Defeat Your Infertility” doesn’t assume that you know the basics of getting pregnant. The report provides you with thorough descriptions of what the female and male reproductive systems are all about. You’ll find out just what’s inside your body and how it all needs to work together in just the right way in order for you to get pregnant. You’ll also find out some of the physical and anatomical causes behind infertility. This gives you a good basis to start to assess your own situation so that you can make the right decisions about defeating your infertility.


Avoiding Artificial Reproductive Technology


Perhaps you’ve already had a negative experience using Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures such as IVF. “Defeat Your Infertility” discusses why ART isn’t working and why you should do whatever you can to try to conceive naturally. There’s a lot of confusion about ART. Far too many couples fall into the trap of spending thousands of dollars and putting their lives on the line using Western technology to get pregnant. Many of these couples still fail to get pregnant after going through multiple invasive procedures that leave them feeling as though they are nothing more than an experiment. “Defeat Your Infertility” guides you to make decisions that are going to be right for you so that you can conceive naturally without medical intervention.


Chinese Traditional Medicine


Perhaps the best part of “Defeating Your Infertility” is its in-depth look at how Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) can help you conceive using Eastern medical practices. You’ll learn how to find a TCM practitioner who can then prescribe herbs and TCM techniques that are going to boost your fertility in natural ways. These techniques include acupuncture, core balancing, and herbal remedies. “Defeating Your Infertility” also provides you with detailed information about the types of supplements and herbs that are ideal of improving your fertility.


Take Charge of Your Fertility


It’s time for you to take charge of your own fertility. Stop listening to what Western doctors are telling you about why you’re not conceiving. Stop thinking, that ART is the only way that you’re going to get pregnant. “Defeat Your Infertility” gives you the information you need so that you can feel as though you’re in control of what’s happening with your body. This report is for women and men, and addresses both female and male infertility problems and treatments. After reading “Defeat Your Infertility” you’ll be on your way to getting pregnant naturally and safely.




I’m Finally Pregnant!


Yes, I’m finally pregnant and I couldn’t have done it without “Defeat Your Infertility”. This report gave me everything I needed to finally get pregnant naturally. After one year of trying to conceive and still not getting pregnant, my husband and I knew that we had to do something or we would soon be too old to become parents. Our doctor recommended that we see an infertility specialist but we hesitated about going this route to get pregnant. I had heard so many nightmares about other couples who went through IVF treatments, that I was reluctant to try it myself. I knew that other couples just like us were getting pregnant. What were they doing that we weren’t doing?


Look No Further than “Defeat Your Infertility”


It didn’t take me long to find “Defeat Your Infertility” and I quickly purchased the report so that I could start reading right away. There it was. My own story was right in front of me. Someone else had difficulty getting pregnant and after turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine and other natural techniques, she was finally the mother of a little boy. All of my hesitations and fears about IVF were outlined before me. I realized I was right in wanting to avoid any invasive technology in order to have a baby.


Getting Ready for Pregnancy


After reading “Defeat Your Infertility” I quickly realized that my body wasn’t in the best condition to get pregnant. Neither was my husband. We realized that we had to start eating right, exercising, and taking vitamin supplements to improve our healthy. Only then would our bodies be at their best for conceiving. I started paying close attention to the foods we were eating. It took a bit of discipline but with the help of “Defeating Your Infertility” we were soon on the right track when it came to our eating habits.




“Defeat Your Infertility” helped me find a TCM practitioner to work with so that I could boost my fertility. I started going for weekly acupuncture treatments and then started focusing on core balancing. My body started to feel stronger and I felt as though I was more in control of what was happening to me. My TCM practitioner prescribed herbal remedies for me. “Defeat Your Infertility” discusses a lot of these common herbal remedies so I was able to know exactly what I was taking and why I was taking it.


Feeling More Positive


Reading “Defeat Your Infertility”, left me feeling more positive about my difficulty getting pregnant. I didn’t feel as though I was alone in what I was feeling and how upset I was when month after month I got my period. I learned that there’s a direct connection between my emotions and how my body reacts to negative thoughts and feelings. I was able to focus on improving my health so that I was also boosting my fertility.


Four Months after “Defeat Your Infertility” and I’m Pregnant!


Both my husband and I swear that “Defeat Your Infertility” helped us get pregnant. We used this report as our bible. We tried to incorporate everything we read into our lives. We were consistent and persistent in our pursuit of better health and getting pregnant naturally. I would recommend this report to any couple who is having any kind of problems getting pregnant. The guidelines in this program are just what you need to take control of your health, your fertility, and your l